100% effort

If there is one thing that is important for you or you devote one part of your life to one thing, you often say you focus 100% of your efforts on that. How could that be more?

Efforts devoted to that one thing are not advised to be over 100% but with more conscious actions you can achieve more, can have even better results.
The simplest thing to do is to change the way of your current activity so that what you do is more efficient. In this case you achieve your goal more easily or you get better results.
There is also another possibility: your goal needs to be harmonised with your long-term goals and you act accordingly.

A simple example: if you build a mountain and you take the stones to the mountain so that you have short breaks in between, you can build a higher mountain on that day.
If you also follow the Sun, you can even have a nice tan on your face.

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