Where is the where to?

Even if you are not satisfied with your situation, this is not enough to serve as basis for any change you make. You always need to define the target.
Doing this you can avoid escaping into an even worse situation and missing great opportunities.
If the expectations are clear, it is also easier to find the solution.

I am sitting on the beach and I’m thinking I should leave as it does not feel right there.
Why? What kind of place would I prefer?
Some place where I can swim, eat pizza, there’s some shade and nice temperature.
Mountain peaks are not like that, the main town square is not like that but the beach is exactly like that.
This means I’m in the right place, I just need to take off my sweater.


  1. Sometimes is better not to have a plan! I've already planned my whole life and I can't scape from that. I have so many obligations in the daily life that I need a place to go that I don't know where or why, just somewhere else where I picture myself in a different reality, where all things and problems are far far away from me.
    When I say that I want to be far away from here I don't mean physically, but psychologically.

    I don't know if you understood what I meant... but you should try this sometime. Just close your eyes and forget about your problems and picture yourself alone on the top of a montain or on a beautiful beach...

    It's a great feeling... really! *-*

    Flah_fah (from IP) =)

  2. I also like and practice relaxation-meditation-shamantravel.
    Next time try to observe your feelings, when is it more relaxing if you know that you are far away from your problems or if you are on a peaceful place?


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