How to start something right now, that is not possible

It occurs sometimes that although you have an idea, you feel you cannot realise it as there is an obstacle in front of you.
Despite it might be worth doing something about it as after a small change you could even win  with the new, modified idea.

Let’s see a simple example that of course needs to be applied to your situation.
Think of the main steps of the idea and the expected outcome:
-travel to Barcelona
-take a beginner language course there
-enjoy a 3-week holiday this summer
-achieve the beginner level in Spanish

Suppose you do not want to spend as much money as it would cost but would not like to discard the idea.
Create real plans with goals and deadlines based on the original idea:
1.intermediate level Spanish knowledge in 2 years
2.enjoy a 3-week holiday this summer

You could merge this and next year’s travel budget so that this year you could also relax and you could learn Spanish from free sources.
So if you are enduring and motivated, you could both enjoy your holiday this year and could also take an intermediate course in a Spanish-speaking country but at least you have improved your language skills.
In this by case changing the idea and some effort you can have greater results.


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