Goals and our real wishes

When we decide about something, we are in many cases not aware of what (exact wish) motivates our decisions. Revealing our real wishes is not any easy task but the following short exercise can make it easier.

List your motivation (-) for a certain activity (*):
*I’d like to go eat ice-cream:
- I won’t be hungry
- I’m not sitting at home
- it refreshes me
- I enjoy it

Remove or change the negative elements or those that help you avoid something.
- I go out
- it refreshes me
- I enjoy it

Find an alternative activity/goal that fits all those expectations remaining in the list.
*I go swimming

If you do not find this a suitable alternative, there must be further needs, motivation:
- I long for company

If this time you manage to find an alternative activity, you did not only get to know your motivation better but could also find an alternative to it and define it more precisely.
*Let’s go eat ice cream or play tennis with friends


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