Reality and its faces

The ’situation’ is a piece of reality that is important for us.
This situation can only be defined to a certain extent and is changing continuously,  but let’s imagine that there is specific description and it is called reality.

This reality can be perceived in different ways and also interpret in different ways, not as we experience it, moreover we can also convey this to others in again a different, special way. People in our environment can perceive, interpret and convey our reality also in different ways, not like us and not as it is in reality.
Based on this we could describe 7 faces of reality.
All of these descriptions can form the basis of the evaulation of our situation and targets but we need to be aware of which approach we are using.
For example:

1. I’m pretty
2. I see myself pretty
3. I consider myself pretty
4. I act pretty
5. I’m seen pretty
6. I’m considered pretty
7. They say I’m pretty


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