Life attitude meter

Evaluating how you feel can be considered a subjective evaluation. But how could you evaluate this in a numerical way in order to be able to evaluate the outcome of your efforts to improve your situation?
You could do this exactly by using this subjectivity. You should just ask somebody who is the best at it: yourself.
Collect 10-12 statements that describe the life of a happy person.
For instance:
In general
   1. I experience the joy of life
   2. I follow my own way
   3. I have my own style
   4. I enjoy my job
   5. I am good in my profession
   6. I am creative in work
Free time
   7. I enjoy my free time
   8. I do something exciting every week
   9. I regularly do sports
   10. I learn new things
With this the meter is already there. (Of course you need to prepare your own list as a start!)
Then you just need to go through the list and evaluate the statements on a scale between 0-10 considering to what extent they are true for yourself and your current situation. (10 is absolutely true)
The results could easily surprise you.
The meter could really be useful if you do it again 1-2 weeks or a month later and compare the results.
After comparing the results you could also decide about changing a statement or replacing one with a new one. These decisions could also provide for interesting lessons to learn from.


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