Points of view

Our point of view can influence our decision and hereby the results of actions based on it. Let me describe it through a simple situation.

Imagine a bee on a long metal spiral spring. Get it? The bee starts walking on the wire.
Question: what the bee is doing?

If our viewpoint is its eye, we see the bee going straight ahead.
If our viewpoint is on the axis of the spiral, we see the bee making circles.
If our viewpoint is beside the spiral in a distance, we see the bee moving to the left or the right direction.
If our viewpoint is in the middle of the spiral close to the bee, we see for a short time the bee climbing upwards, but after a while we see the bee climbing downwards.

But stop for a second, why do we think that the bee will stay on the wire?
If we start thinking, we will find out the bee is going to collect honey.


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