Balance and change

The ideal situation for us can be described with a specific balance of different factors influenced by the circumstances.
If this balance is upset, we feel uncomfortable and we seek for resetting an ideal status.
But our circumstances are changing so if we want to stay balanced, we have to change continuously.
At the same time this need is also a chance for improvement and stepping forward.
If we have to change, we can get into another balanced situation. So why not to reach  balance on a higher level?
Another interesting question is if our change is an action or a reaction.
In a balanced situation we have the opportunity to take considered rational decisions.
If we lose balance, we have to decide under pressure in an uncomfortable situation.
If we react, we follow the changes and our opportunities will be limited because we will act in a situation where our balance is still lost. But if we act before that, our decision is taken in a balanced situation and we can also have more influence on the change.
So if we change ourself actively according to the changes around us, we will have more chance to stay balanced on a higher level.


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